2021 Foals

Kaybrook Valour's Bluebelle (by Kaybrook Valour) x Hendrewen Meredith (by Lodor Llewelyn ap Meredith) FILLY born 13th April
Kaybrook Shining Star (by Coednewydd High Noon) x Hendrewen Meredith (by Lodor Llewelyn ap Meredith) COLT born 19th April
Kaybrook Lunar Spark (by Kaybrook Vespasian) x Woodlander Sir Gorgeous (by Santana) COLT born 19th May
Caemansel Georgina (by Gwenllan Brynmor) x Ynyslyns Orlando (by Hendrewen Meredith) FILLY born 16th May

Bluebelle's Foal 
This beautiful chestnut filly is full of character, and we are so enjoying having her around!  Her sire Hendrewen Meredith is showing promise under saddle, and this combination of sire and dam both have outstanding gentle temperaments.  Born 13th April 2021, may be available at weaning.  We have named her Kaybrook Mirabelle. 

Shiny's Foal 
This adorable colt is called Kaybrook Paddington.  He was our second born foal of the year, and is also by our lovely stallion Hendrewen Meredith.  Born 19th April, he and Mirabelle are best pals.  Paddington and has already found himself a fantastic home ready for when he is weaned.