2020 Foals

Kaybrook Lunar Spark (by Kaybrook Vespasian) x Llanarth Hadrian (by Llanarth Fiery Jack) (SOLD)
Kaybrook Patience (by Wexland Owen) x Glanvyrnwy Temptation (by G. Flying King) (RETAINED)
Caemansel Georgina (by Gwenllan Brynmor) x Llanarth Hadrian (by Llanarth Fiery Jack) (SOLD)
Mahnegad Time to Tango (by Danaway Tango) x Kaybrook Euros-Ddu (by Dearnevalley CreamBoy) (AVAILABLE)

Tango's Foal 
This beautiful filly is full sibling to our show filly Kaybrook Gwenifer, and is every inch a show filly herself.  Her sire Kaybrook Euros-Ddu is showing promise as a working hunter ridden horse, and this combination of sire and dam consistently produces fantastic foals.   Only offered for sale as Gwenifer is retained.   Born 7th May 2020, now weaned.  Updated photos available on request.